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루이스 교수의 학업 웹사이트

19th Century British Poetry

19C 낭만주의 영시 / EL2131

This class is an introduction to poetry and poetic devices, with emphasis on the reading and analysis of six major Romantic poets and their works.


There is no prescribed textbook. Relevant poems will be provided. 

Assessment Weight:

Midterm Exam = 15%

Final Exam = 15%

Attendance = 10%

Class Participation & Activities = 30%

Homework & Assignements = 30%

Total = 100%

Tentative Lecture Plan

Week 1

Introduction: What is Poetry?

Contextualization: Late 18th and early 19th centuries -- Romaticism

Week 2

William Blake

Week 3

William Blake

Week 4

William Wordsworth

Week 5

William Wordsworth

Week 6

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Week 7

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Week 8 

Midterm Examination

Week 9

George Gordon, Lord Byron

Week 10

George Gordon, Lord Byron

Week 11

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Week 12

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Week 13

John Keats

Week 14

John Keats

Week 15

Final Examination

Poetic Devices to Be Covered

Poetic Types: 

Lyrics, Epics, Balads, Dramatic

Poetic Forms: 

Closed Forms, Open Forms

Figures of Speech: 

Denotations & Connotations, Symbolism, Imagery, Apostrophe, Personification, Simile, Metaphor, Metonymy, Synecdoche, Hyperbole / Overstatement & Understatement, Oxymoron


Rhythm (Stresses & Pauses), Meter (Feet / Scansion), Alliteration & Assonance, Rhyme (End Rhyme & Internal Rhyme, Masculine Rhyme & Feminine Rhyme)

Literary Devices: 

Topics vs Themes, Allusions & Intertextuality, Tone, Voice (Narrator & Persona), Archetype, Myth, Irony, Parallelism & Repetition, Narative Layers, Liminality

Further Skills: 

Paraphrasing a poem, Analyzing a poem