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Shakespeare Films & Performances

문학과 시각예술 (셰익스피어 공연 및 영화) / EL4132

This is an introductory course in Film Theory, with special focus on film adaptions of Shakespeare plays. Special focus will be given to cinematic elements such as dramatic plot, sound, cinematography (colors, visual balance, lighting), and editing.

The purpose of this class is to consolidate your previous experience in literature with the visual arts, specifically film. This class will therefore serve a double purpose of introducing you to the fundamentals of Film Theory & Critique, using Shakespeare films as the vehicle. 

During this semester we will watch around 10 movies that are either direct adaptations of Shakespeare plays or roughly based on Shakespeare plays. Some of these plays you may have previously encountered while studying in the Department of English Studies. Before we watch any new film, please ensure that you are familiar with the play it is based on. Try to read the play and, if possible, also an analysis. If time does not allow, please read a synopsis and analysis of the play. 

The first part of the semester (up until the Midterm Exam) will focus on the introduction of relevant Film Theory. The second part of the semester will focus more on discussions of the films using the theory you have learned, and preparation for your final project submission. There will not be a final examination; instead you will submit a detailed film analysis of a selected film of your choice. 

I look forward to watching great films with you!


There is no prescribed textbook. Please take notes in class.


We will cover the following theory during class:

Assessment Weight:

Midterm Examination = 15%

Final Examination (Final Project) = 25%

Attendance = 10%

Blog (Film Reviews) = 20%

Assignments = 30%

Total = 100%


Click here for assignments.

Tentative Lecture Plan

Week 1

Warm Bodies (2013)

Week 2

Romeo and Juliet (2013)

Week 3

Romeo + Juliet (1996)

Week 4

West Side Story (1961)

Week 5

West Side Story (1961)

Week 6

Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Week 7

Shakespeare in Love (1998)

Week 8

Midterm Examination

Week 9 

Throne of Blood (1957)

Week 10

The Banquet (2003)

Week 11

Richard III (1995)

Week 12

Titus (1995)

Week 13

A Midsummer's Night Dream (1999)

Week 14

Final Project Preparation

Week 15

Final Project Submission