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Prose Reading & Writing

영어산문 읽기 및 쓰기 EL3134

This course will focus on the reading of prose (short fiction), followed by group discussions and finally response writing. The course will guide the students in the writing of literary academic essays, based on primarily closed readings of the text.

Reference Book: 

There is no prescribed textbook for this class. We will use the following book as a reference.

Kirszner & Mandell, 6th Ed. Portable Literature: Reading, Reacting, Writing. Thomson-Wadsworth.

Assessment Weight:

Midterm Exam = 15%

Final Exam (Final Project) = 25%

Attendance = 10%

Class Participation = 20%

Homework (Essays & Other Assignments) = 30%

Total 100%

Tentative Lecture Plan:

Week 1: 



Reviewing 5-paragraph essay

Avoiding Plagiarism

Essay Writing #0: Read "Kansas" then write a personal essay in which you share your thoughts about this short story.

Week 2: 


"The Secret Lion"


Chapter 1: Writing About Literature Model Student Papers ("The Secret Lion", p. 23 & "Trifles", p. 31)

Week 3: 

Essay Writing #1

Write an essay about either "The Secret Lion" or "Trifles", with focus on Plot.

Week 4: 



"Miss Brill"

"The Stronger"

Week 5: 

Essay Writing #2

Write an essay about Character.

Week 6: 

Setting & Staging

"The Storm"

"I Stand Here Ironing"

Week 7: 

Essay Writing #3

Write an essay about Setting.

Week 8: 

Midterm Exam

Week 9:

Point of View

"Barn Burning"

Week 10: 

Style, Tone & Language


Week 11: 

Essay Writing #4

Write an essay about Point-of-View, Style, Tone or Language.

Week 12:

Symbol, Allegory & Myth

"The Lottery"

Week 13: 


"The Rocking-Horse Winner"


Week 14: 

"Everyday Use"

Literary Argumentative Essays Chapter 2, p. 37-44 & Chapter 3, p. 53-69 

Model Student Paper, p. 45-52

Week 15: 

Essay Writing #5

Write an argumentative essay about Symbols and/or Allegory & Myth, or Theme, or other relavant angle. This well-researched essay will count towards your final exam grade.