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When talking about movies it is often important to refer to the metadata. The metadata are all the important data concerning the production of the film and include the

  • film title, 
  • film’s release date, 
  • the genre, 
  • as well as the names of all those involved, like the 
    • producer(s), 
    • director, 
    • writer(s), 
    • cinematographer (director-of-photography), 
    • cast members, and so on. 

Usually when writing an analysis of a movie you need not include all the metadata, merely the basic metadata, which include at least the title, release date, director, and main cast members. Other metadata can be mentioned as needed. For instance, if you discuss the special effects, you may need to supply the names of the chief special effects supervisor and/or chief computer graphics animator. Alternatively, if you discuss the mise-en-scène you may need to mention the names of the cinematographer (director-of-photography) and/or set designer.

A good website for finding the metadata of a film is the Internet Movie Database.