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루이스 교수의 학업 웹사이트

Literary Theory & Contemporary Ideas

영미문학비평 II

In this exciting class students will see the effects of literary theory as manifested in popular culture: from books, to films, to advertisements, to the Internet and YouTube, and possibly even in politics. The purpose of the class is to show the student how literary criticism affects their everyday lives, and also to introduce the student to some of the more recent theories and contemporary ideas currently gaining attention in literary research around the world.


There is no prescribed textbook for this class. Notes should be taken in class and some handouts will be provided.

Assessment Weight:

Midterm Examination = 15%

Final Project = 15%

Attendance = 10%

Homework = 30%

Class Discussions & Peer Feedback = 30%

Total = 100%

Tentative Lecture Plan

Week 1


Week 2

Postmodernism: Origin & Characteristics

Week 3

Recycling and Remixing Art & Culture: Why are there so many Snow Whites?

Week 4

Semiotics & Iconicity

Week 5 

Memes: The icons of cultures and YouTube

Week 6 

Postmodern Uncertainty: What is true?

Week 7

Deconstruction: Is Batman a hero?

Week 8 


Week 9

Postmodern Uncertainty: What is real?

Week 10 


Week 11

Questioning Reality: "Inception" 

Week 12 

Liminality: Initiates, Outcasts & In-Between Spaces

Week 13

Landscape Theory

Week 14 

Cognitive Theory  

Week 15 

Preparation for Final Project

Week 16

FINAL EXAM: Submit Final Project