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루이스 교수의 학업 웹사이트

Poetry in Music


A Historic Overview of Modern Music and Their Lyrics

The purpose of this course is to facilitate you in the listening, reading and discussion of contemporary English songs. Poetry theory, music theory and rhetorical theory will be incorporated while listening to and contemplating a number of different music genres, ranging from Hymns to Hip-Hop music. In this class we will basically enjoy a cursory overview of contemporary music and in the process develop your skills to converse about music in general, but in particular to read, interpret, and discuss song lyrics (which are the poetry in music). 


Larsen, M. A. (Ed.), Borg, P. W., Poultney, D., Unsworth, A., and Washburn, R. 2003. Crossroads in Music: Traditions & Connections. Schirmer-Cengage Learning. 

We will also supplement the course with other sources, including online links, and music that more accurately match our goals.

Class Outline: